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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 3, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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give me murray 1, 9, 1, 9. hello? >> tomorrow night the last one at 10:00 p.m. monday, 7:00 p.m. go to one more. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> shots fired after reports that this happened just moments ago. right now the u.s. capitol on lockdown. >> bill: another violent incident. this one in washington, d.c. and it forces congress people to run for their lives we will have the very latest tonight. >> there is one way out of this reckless and damaging republican shutdown. congress has to pass a budget that funds our government with no partisan strings attached. >> while the president continues to rail against republicans. what is the press doing? are they reporting the obama care government fairown story in a way? i will deal with that in the talking points memo. >> my obligation as a host of the kelly file is to make sure the viewers here
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it straight. it's the news of the day but with a little heat. >> bill: the return of miss megyn kelly. she will be here tonight to tell us about some legal stuff and a brand new prime time program. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. some straight talk about the obama care mess. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. but first, very disturbing incident in washington, d.c. this afternoon. apparently a woman with a young child in her car, crashed into a barricade at the white house. police tried to take the woman into custody but she led them on a high speed chase up to the grounds of the capitol building. congress people and senators were actually forced to take cover until the cops finally confronted the woman and shot her dead.
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now, congresswoman michele bachmann was there on the scene and we will talk with her in our next segment. now, on to the memo. so who is going to back down? who is going to accept a compromise. that is the question this evening. and it was asked of president obama. >> thank you. >> mr. president, don't negotiate, how you can get a solution? how you can bring an end to this if you won't talk to the congressional leaders? >> now, mr. obama didn't answer the question as you saw. walked away from abc news correspondent jonathan karl. but later on he did meet with the congressional leaders and nothing was accomplished. that's because the president is in a corner. the syria deal made him look weak and can he not afford to look weak again by compromising his signature issue obama care. the republicans are in a bad place as well. another new poll out today says the americans blame the shutdown on republicans by a 34 to 45 margin. there is so much anger on the right obama care the republicans in congress can't back down or their
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careers may be ruined. the rino charge, republican in name only not an easy thing for g.o.p. politicians to deal with to be fair, republicans have little choice but to hammer obama care because it is shaping up to be a disaster. it's like this: your teenager comes to you saying she wants to attend a dance. you have some misgivings but you say okay. because she is so passionate about the issue. then you learn that a vicious motorcycle gang may well show up at the dance, so you change your mind. based on best available evidence and you protect your daughter from possible danger. obama care is like that. when a past few knew what the unintended consequences would be. now, we're seeing a loss of full-time jobs. higher health insurance premiums from many working americans and a total lack of control by the feds in the implementation of the affordable healthcare law. so our position must be mounted in good conscience. and republicans are right to do that with you the
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g.o.p. may pay a heavy price for failing to implement a legal law. a two-week study by the conservative watchdog group media research center shows the three network news broadcast blaming the shutdown almost entirely on republicans. 21 reports did that. pleasure zero, zero blame the democrats. just four blame both parties. now, that kind of one-sided news coverage skews public opinion. and emboldens people like senator harry reid. >> you all talked about children with cancer unable to go to clinical trials. the house is specifically going to pass a bill that funds at least the nih. given what you said, will you at least pass that? what. >> what right do they have to pick and choose what part of government is going to be funded? it's obvious what's going on here. [clearing throat] you talk about reckless and irresponsible, wow. [clearing throat] what this is all about is
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obama care. >> but if you help one child who had cancer, why wouldn't do you it? >> why would we want to do that? i have 1100 people at the air force base that are sitting home. they have a few problems of their own. this is -- to have someone of your intelligence suggest such a thing. >> i'm just asking. >> irresponsible and reckless. >> bill: reid gets away with that nonsense because hard news reporters have to be somewhat respectful but i don't. senator reid revealed himself in that exchange to be a cold hearted fanatic a man who couldn't care less about compromise or the suffering of americans. for harry, it's all about power. we got your number, man. and for the american left in general it is all about their vision of social justice and income equality. it matters not to the left if healthcare actually declines because doctors opt out. if full-time jobs decline, because companies want
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fewer workers on the payroll. that they have to ensure. or if health insurance premiums rise for those making decent money in order to pay the health cost for those who don't. see, it's all about ideology. and in the end, a compromise will have to be reached, but not before more rhetorical blood is spilled. both the left and the right are furious. and are taking no prisoners if you would disagree with them. robust debate is good for the country. personal agenda is overriding the good of the people bad. president obama knows the slaw is flawed. that's why he granted waivers to some businesses so he should step back, then step up, and give the same waivers to individual americans whoy not convinced obama care is againsted for them or their families. one year from now we are going to know. we will know if obama care is best for the majority of americans. if it is, it will take deep root and the president will be hailed a champion. if it is not best for the people then it should be repealed. mr. president, the country
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needs another year to sort this thing out. please give the folks the option of a short delay those who want obama care now should have it those who don't should be granted a temporary reprieve. that's fair. and that is what is best for america. and that's the memo. next on the rundown, reaction from republican congresswoman michele bachmann. later, megyn kelly back and gearing up for a brand new prime time program. the factor returns with those reports right after these messages.
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>> bill: continuing with lead story. hearts and minds of obama in a care. joining us from the nation's capitol building congresswoman michele bachmann truck from minnesota. before i get to the obama careened at deep wisdom i bring to the debate. you have a little excitement down there this afternoon. tell me from your point of view what happened? >> the loud speakers went off shelter in place all likelihood a gunshot and we heard that there was a shooter. so we were told to shelter in place. and we were up on the 30 floor of cannon people went into a shelter. we were out here. a lot of cameras were here. went to the doors. clear that the police shut down independence avenue. we could see the east steps of the capitol and the south. people were all directed to come off of the can a capitol and come toward the cannon building and then before long a helicopter
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came over and was specifically over the western side of the capitol at that point then we started to hear the news reports sheltering in case for a while. appeared after a little bit of time there wasn't any more danger and everyone was allowed to go i agreed with every word in your talking point memo tonight. 21 mainstream press reports all blaming republicans zero blaming the democrats. that tells you where we are at. we are only on day three of this shutdown. we sentence sensed a real switch yesterday in mood from calls we are getting in our office. a real symbol here. the administration had shut down the world war ii memorial exactly whether you have fragile 90-year-old veterans of world war ii trying to get in on an honor flight. they didn't have a second
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chance. they couldn't stand very long in the 80-degree sun. they had to get. in that really offended a lot of americans and i think from a bipartisan level, democrats and republicans we all want these veterans to get in. and so we have asked the administration, would you please open up these open air memorials so that the people can get in to them. we put a couple bills on the floor to do just that just now harry reid today pushed back our bill, which would fully fund veterans benefits so. when we can't agree on something, like obama care, we don't agree. we thought why don't we start with the things we do agree. and let's at least open up and help the folks is what we agree on o. that's our strategy right now. >> you think as the democrats dig in and don't show any sign of being reasonable, that public opinion will shift to it the republicans? is that what you are saying? >> yes. it's already started. again. >> bill: you know the media is not going to report it that way. so i'm not sure that message is going to get out to what they call the low
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information voter. the person who doesn't much waf the news, they just hear stuff. >> it's a bigger challenge. you are exactly right. it's a bigger challenge. but then we have to go through alternative media you are telling people tonight you you have a huge audience. people are hearing the truth and, of course, the story came out today that they closed down be the site of d day the normandy beaches. these are the kind -- they are even trying to shut down the private mt. vernon, where george washington's home is. they can't do that but they are trying to. >> bill: they are trying to put the maximum amount of pressure to make the g.o.p. fold. so you basically have a situation now where i think many americans are blaming are going to blame both parties. these people, they just can't -- how do you yourself, when you go back to minnesota, and folks say listen, this obama care thing, that was legitimately, he won, the president won the election. he got through congress. you may not have voted for it, but it got through. the supreme court upheld it.
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and now you are trying to sabotage it in a back door way. that's not the republic. that's not how we operate. and you say what? >> i understand that argument. this is the other thing. people had had one mess after another in minnesota. in addition to other states. and they agree with you. frankly. they think -- they don't like this unfairness that big business got this huge waiver and they don't get a waiver. >> yeah. that's the big thing. that's right. >> bill, i'm telling you, you put your finger on the pulls of america because americans want fairness. they are seeing all these special deal carveouts and after obama care was passed, the president on his own changed obama care without going through the law, he changed it 19 times. and he doesn't want us to fund the original obama care. he wants us to fund the bill that he is unilateral live rewritten. we are saying hey, wait a minute here. let's have fairness for all americans. >> bill: that's a very powerful strong argument.
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the president 'of the united states -- >> -- you bet it is. >> bill: changed a lot of granted a lot of exemptions. if it's that screwed up. then step back for nine months. give everybody who wants one of the exemptions, go ahead with your own. all right. and let's see how it plays out. all right congresswoman. glad everybody is safe down there. thanks for appearing with us today. >> bill: laura ingraham says some republicans are mad at other republicans. brand new factor segment mad as hell where you, the viewer, sound off. don't miss this one upcoming.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight. brand new poll by cbs news saying that registered republicans are divided over the government shutdown. poll says do you approve or disapprove of shutting the government down due to difficulties about the healthcare law? among republicans only, it's a tie. within the margin of error. had 48% approve. 49% disapprove so. there is no question the g.o.p. is divided on the
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issue. joining us from washington. fox news analyst laura ingraham. number one, are you surprised by the poll? number two, are you getting these kinds of calls to your radio program? is there a division? >> yeah, i'm not all that surprised, bill. it was a risky gamble from the beginning. although kind of inspired in some ways and in spirit, you know, i'm all defund obama care, get rid of obama care, whatever we have to do to get this morningy off the back of individuals and business. but it was risky. and i think the people are kind of watching this play out are trying to figure it out in their minds. okay, y'all have only a certain number of tea party republicans in the house, right? so, the idea that you are going to have all the leverage to just, you know, shove this down obama's throat and tell harry reid and schumer and nancy pelosi that,you know, it's over, obama care is dead. that is a toughy. i mean, you don't have that kind of leverage. you do have the -- you know, a pulpit and ted cruz used that mast masterfully.
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you might have seen what happened in thinks teleconference today where he had 100,000 people jam it and nearly shut it down. so there is a lot of excitement. but the strategy, i think a lot of republicans are trying to figure out how they really get all that much at the other end of all of this. >> bill: okay. but, you know, you have a very energized conservative crew that says, look, we don't care. we want no obama care and whatever you have to do to make that happen, go ahead. and then you have the more moderate crew that says, you got to look for election next year. and if the people get mad. the independent people at the republican party and see them as zealots, we will lose. we may lose the senate. >> yeah. >> bill: i have been dealing with this now for three or four weeks. you should see some the mail. i'm going to read one letter at the end. hate ithe ole lick, have the ole i have the tri ole i -- i do not want nanny
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state quasi system which the left does want. i'm at odds with the democratic party as it is comprised now. and i'm at odds with liberals. i believe you are, too. >> i lost audio. >> bill: it's not a party thing with me. it's a country thing. i don't want to be sweden. and that's where they want to take us. part of the way they want to take it is through obama care is income redistribution play. so i thought that cruz, like you, did a masterful job of bringing attention to it and bringing objections to it. pugh but, on the other hand, you can't be perceived as being a fanatic. >> well, i think, you know, you're pinpointing the strategic divide. the strategy, in my mind the better strategy is just for a win. you want' to win on the board. you want to get some wins. score some points.
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>> bill: you get the senate back and then you handcuff president obama who is the driver of this quasisocialistic system. >> and i think what you end up doing, especially in the beginning and it still might happen, right? where you get the delay that you so properly argued for in the talking points, you get that one year delay maybe. you get the no washington exemption. this is what i was advocating at the beginning. i really supported much of what ted cruz is doing. i like it. but, you would would have had that win at the beginning on the no washington exemption. probably would have gotten some of these moderate democrats who are already in trouble in re-election to go along' to press leadership for a one-year delay. i think you could have gotten that right off the bat. obama would have looked bad if he fought for a washington exemption. >> you know, people don't understand. >> yeah. i think you are right. people thought they could shut it down. >> e.y, now if he backs down twice, he looks like -- and you know in his mind is he going there is no way these sobs are going
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to tell me. >> no. >> how to institute this law. that is what his mind set is. >> no, again, barack obama thinks the tea party is a bigger threat to the united states in stability at home than a lot of, i think more pernicious groups out there in the world. so, the divide in the republican party is a problem because, look, you have 14, at least 14 republicans, bill, four from pennsylvania, people like congressman and lou, you have others in new jersey and new york, michael graham, king, who are saying, look, enough is enough. congressman runion i believe in new jersey said enough is enough. we can't keep doing. this we won districts that obama won. >> more moderate area. but then you have the people in the south and the midwest who say no way. this is a principle. >> stand firm. >> bill: not compromising on our principles. i understand both points of view i just don't how you are going to pressure barack obama how you are going to pressure that man to back away. >> you know, they want the
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public to hammer the phone lines and to write and to call. and i think that's great. >> already doing it. >> but, in the end, i think they did that before obama care passed an the president didn't listen. >> run again. have to run again. >> gibbs said it today, robert gibbs, he said the president's only mistake that he could make now is to flinch. i think they are not going to flinch. >> all right, laura, thanks very much. plenty more ahead as the factor returns. the return of miss megyn kelly brand new prime time program beginning here on fox news monday and of course we have some legal questions for her tonight. also up ahead, are you mad as hell? well, the whole world may know about it because of our new mad as hell segment and we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: mad as hell segment tonight. what is really teeing you off. this evening we have a brand new segment where you
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sound off about things that are driving you crazy. we owe the segment to patty and the movie network. >> i want you to get up right now and go to the window, open it, and stick your head out and yell: i'm as mad as hell and i'm not going to take this anymore. >> bill: that's exactly how i look with barney frank. [ laughter ] >> here now to help us with mad, very mellow first off, huddy, lori martin who lives in illinois. mad as hell about obama care chaos. quote, blue cross, blue shield of illinois informed me that my policy no longer available because of obama care. i have had this policy for years and i'm happy with this. what's the deal on blue cross, blue shield of illinois? >> blue cross and blue shield a lot of different policies. you have to meet a certain criteria. 10 point list of criteria to meet the current standards of obama care. lori's obviously didn't meet it. >> bill: insurance policy has to say, what? >> for instance, let me give you an example. so you have to have
11:30 pm
maternity and newborn care. that has to be included in your policy. you could be -- >> what if you are 7 a years old? >> doesn't matter. if doesn't matter if you are 75 years old. you have to have pediatric care in your policy as well. >> bill: lori doesn't have that then blue cross can't ensure. >> not ala cart you have to hit the 10 point. >> a lot of insurance companies like blue cross, blue shield who doesn't want any part of this so they are dumping everybody. >> second parts comes from reynolds who lives in las vegas. i'm mad because the white house has approved $300 million to bail out detroit. aren't we broke? isn't it about building a strong democratic base? first of all who allocated the 300 goal detroit? >> the obama administration say it's not a bailout critics say this is a back way bailout. essentially this is money that detroit would have been eligible for anyway. >> in what sense? money for what? >> money for different things. many cities are eligible for this. it just happened to be that detroit was going through red tape. >> part of the stimulus
11:31 pm
program or something like that for public works? >> correct. yeah. this money is allocated specifically though. >> so detroit was eligible for the money and they get the 300 million. but it is a democratic controlled city that is bankrupt. >> bankrupt because of mismanagement. >> are we confident the 300 million is going to be mismanaged like every other cent was. >> that's why this person is upset about this. >> and i'm upset too. although i like the tigers and the pistons. third selection this evening comes from diane balbo who lives in california. a catholic. mad at hell at you o'reilly, for claiming the holy spirit inspired to you write the books. why are you placing yourself above all of us? certainly not doing that i think you understand this. right? >> you would never do that. >> bill: are you catholic? >> yes. >> you understand what i'm talking about. >> believe it or not i actually do understand what you are saying here, bill. you were i object -- inspired. you are not saying god came down off a fleeting staircase.
11:32 pm
>> bill: he has before but not in this one. >> you can joke around sometimes with certain people. >> bill: i can joke around as much as i want. god has a sense of humor or else i would not be sitting here. okay? so that's a fact. but, christian doctrine says that there is a god and the god interacts with every human being. every human. caller: had a personal interaction. >> bill: when something good happens to you you are inspired to do something that turns out positive, that comes from god. >> i'm okay with that. i'm okay with that. >> okay. here is finally the last one. sharon eubanks from redding, california, a nice town. what makes me mad are people who take their dogs with them everywhere they go. i see them in shopping carts, restaurants, everywhere. dogs have taken over. [ laughter ] >> bill: and they have. >> dogs are people too. >> bill: no they are not. comfort dogs, right? >> people say they are comfort dogs and they say they get. >> bill: little fluffy dogs. >> i don't understand what the problem is if you have little chihuahua little bag and sitting there and you are having -- not doing or
11:33 pm
barking. >> going to the deli and taking a chunk out of your ankle come on. sanitary thing. i don't want to be in a restaurant with the little cocker spaniel at the table next to me. >> guess what, you can go to the restaurant next door that does not allow spaniels. >> i think there is a board of health situation here. i like dogs. i have a dog. you have a dog? >> yeah, gomez. >> like dogs. don't take the dog everywhere. >> i totally disagree with you. you can take them anywhere you want. [ laughter ] >> >> bill: can we replace? what was that lady's name? i'm with you. what was her name? >> i don't know. >> bill: sharon eubanks. i'm mad like you are. keep the dogs. reasonable. you don't have to go everywhere with the dog. and if you are as mad as hell. huddy wants to know about it please email us mad as hell as and we'll have more on this next thursday. when we come right back, megyn kelly is back from
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maternity leave with a new show and same attitude. kelly is next. >> my obligation as host of the kelly file is to make sure the viewers hear it straight. we are going to have the best guests with the best analysis and i am there to keep everybody honest. it's the news of the day but with a little heat.
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they were home okay. then i found plug & protect from livewatch. and now i see when they open the front door so i know they're home safe. livewatch helps me stay in touch and in control. >> founded by a paramedic inkansas, serving tens of thousands of homes in all 50 states, and trusted by policemen and firemen throughout the country, livewatch is the new choice for home security. no door to door salespeople, no messy installers, no long term contracts. just plug & protect. now you too can enjoy the home security and control you want for your family. try plug and protect in your home for a full 90 days. included is our hassle-free guarantee. go to plug & protect is not available in stores, so go to right now. that's >> bill: thanks for staying
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with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the kelly file segment tonight. we're pleased to welcome back miss megan who took two full years off after she delivered a baby boy named thatcher. all right. and here she is is megyn kelly's new program the kelly file debuts 9:00 p.m. this coming monday. we are going it talk about the show in a minute. first, while you were gone, you had the navy yard shooting in washington. you have, you know, this continuation of chaos, crazy people running around with guns all over the place and again today in washington. nutty woman, you know. they want to die. these people are self-destructive. and this is what i don't think the press gets across. and you are going to have to deal with this a lot now that you are going to be on live at 9:00. there are so many self-destruct tiff people in this world these days more than i think there has ever been. and they are going to use either their car or their gun or whatever to take themselves out. >> um-huh. >> and they don't even care who they take with them. >> um-huh. >> and this is the crux of all of these stories. am i wrong? >> i think you are right.
11:39 pm
i have been thinking a lot about. this since i became a mom actually. a combination of becoming a mother and being a news anchor. so it's been four years now that i have been a mother. when we have these stories. and i really think i'm at the point where i no longer want to utter the names of these people at all. i think we should all do it. if they want to find out the names of these people who do, this who shut up places or take themselves out in the a blaze of glory, go look it up online if they need to note names. >> bill: i like that suggestion. >> i don't want to say it anymore. >> bill: as far as your children is concerned, i'm not on one of these, you know, micromanager. i want the kid to go out and play and all of that i will tell you what, i now case everybody. i look at the friends. i'm looking for certain things. >> you have to. >> got to be alert. because there are some insane people walking around. >> not only do you have to watch out. you have to find out play date who is going to be at the play date what adults are going to be there.
11:40 pm
>> you heard about this suv thing on the west side highway. you live on the west side of manhattan. >> i do. >> bill: you live up there. >> if you say so. >> bill: you got an suv. all right. and two young parents and a 2-year-old. and they are driving along and then all of a sudden motorcycle guys a couple dozen of them attacking the car because there is probably some beef, some road rage beef lining. this you are going what is going on here. >> who wouldn't just floor and it drive away. you would be in fever for your life. they claim he started it, whatever. i don't care whether he started or not. maybe he started it maybe he was the guy in the wrong. >> bill: you don't attack the car. >> they followed him. that's on tape. they followed him and they took off the helmet and they beat him. not okay. that's vigilantism. >> bill: that's right. everybody has a cell phone. everybody can call 911 and say this guy hit me or whatever. but this again. >> they're very lucky nothing happened to that 2-year-old inside the of the car. >> me or you protecting our
11:41 pm
2-year-old we might have turned our van back and turned them over. >> watch for hot heads inside the van. this could have gone down worse than it did. >> bill: get rid of that one more story and get to your show. michael jackson's family wanted billions of dollars and they get nothing. >> they are not going to get it. >> did you predict that. >> i will say yes since you want to give it to me. >> they don't remember. was it the right verdict. >> it wasn't a big surprise. suing aeg the concert promoter for wrongful death trying to say responsible for death hiring conrad murray and michael jackson are the two really responsible for his death. >> bill: is he in jail. >> he got his. >> now, the kelly file, of course, stolen from me because i invented the kelly file for this seeing isment and then you stole; is that correct? >> i will tell you how that came about. >> is that correct stole it? >> you are correct only because you are promising the last word and you never give it to me now going to get it. >> get it at 9:00. if you don't like it jump on your show because it's live.
11:42 pm
the kelly file, are you going to be -- is going to be anything different in the kelly file? can you tell us if there is going to be other than your magnetic presence which will drive numbers through. >> i hope you are right. >> bill: got anything going. >> live broadcast a breaking news program. not an opinion program. so i'm not going to be the female bill. >> bill: you should be. but you are going to have. >> tempting as this is. >> bill: you have to give your opinion sometimes. so many pinheads you will go this is insane. >> do that on my afternoon show. that's not a risky proposition when i see somebody driving like 100 miles per hour on the sidewalk and endangering families afternoon show i said that's a moron that's not particularly controversial. as a legal expert but i did practice law 9 years. i feel comfortable giving legal opinion. >> bill: through that legal stuff. >> not going to be somebody like you what needs to happen with the sequester and showdown. that's not going to be what i'm there for. i will present both sides of "the view." i want to do it smartly and succinctly. synopsis the news for them.
11:43 pm
>> bill: synopsis. word of the day? >> we may take a couple of bill's word of the day. >> bill: promos. >> look at that mintle now. >> they want need do. this really hold the sign? and everybody who wanted me to do. this o'reilly did it. royale -- i said no way. >> bill: you know. >> showed the videotape. >> bill: so annoying i wanted to get await a minute whatever you. >> here is bill. all of rest of us is like and bill is like. >> bill: it was a stupid sign. you are on at 9:00. right after me. but you are going to do the kelly file on thursdays here on the factor. >> i will be there for you every thursday, bill. >> bill: if you need any advice. because you are going to get a little heat. you know, prime time. but my door is always open. >> i have already gotten a lot of advice. >> don't tell us. >> let me share with the audience. here is how it goes. watch, kelly. watch and learn. [ laughter ] ill bill total distortion.
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i'm very holistic when i give advice to anyone. megyn kelly monday 9:00 p.m. on the factor it. kelly file. carolla on deck. feud between kanye west and jimmy kimmel. the old adam thinks it's about parenting. carolla moments away.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. rolling with carolla. apparently there is a few between rapper kanye west and comedian jimmy kimmel it. it all began when mr. kimmel mocked mr. west by featuring a child impersonating the rapper. >> where is the [inaudible] where new rock and roll.
11:48 pm
we're the rock stars and i'm the biggest of all of them. >> we just had the kid say the stuff kanye said and apparently this upset him. he called me. he said a lot of things. he told me i had two choices. number one, apologize publicly, and that was really the only choice. [ laughter ] the other choice he gave was that my life, your life, he said, is going to be much better if you apologize. >> bill: now, i could not care less about this but carolla tells me it all has to do with parenting in america. he joins us from los angeles. one more setup on this. apparently kanye west gave an interview to the bbc where he said what the little kids said. so they took the transcript of what he said the bbc and had the little kid say it in mocking him. they were obviously mocking him. that's what kimmel does. he mocks everybody. west gets mad. and you say? >> first off what happened to comedians being able to
11:49 pm
tell jokes without them getting them splashed all over huffington post as haters and whatever else. >> i didn't see anything objectionable to that that was satire. >> late night hosts tell jokes. i was talking about it on my pod cast. and i think that kanye west was very close to his mom. i think his mom coddled him and told him he could do no wrong. by the way don't get me wrong i'm jealous because i was raised in a dumpster by lazy raccoons so i didn't experience any of this. but we have a whole new generation of people, boys and girls, that are leaving the nest with a steady diet of you're the best. don't let anyone ever tell you what to do. and you are number one. and then they pushed him one. then they push them out and someone makes a joke about them. their reaction is inappropriate. so i think we are going to see more of this. i think it is the parents' fault. >> i don't know mr. west. i had one encounter with him at
11:50 pm
a new york knicks game. i was leaving the ar re rena at madison square garden. i got into the elevator and he was in there, kanye west. i knew he was a rapper. this was three or four years ago. i didn't know his name. he's about 5'6". he looks up at me. he had two guys who were 6'5", i'm 6'4". he had two guys next to him. i didn't say anything. he looked at t me . i looked at him. that was the end. i don't know if what you are saying about his sense of entitlement but throughout history from rudolph valentino on, people who get fame and fortune, a lot of them become imperiasts, not like you and me who remain humble. don't you dare say anything bad about me. that might be what this is about. >> it doesn't help.
11:51 pm
if you get a shake and fries at burger king some of the attitude. a album goes platinum it bolsters what you have heard a steady chorus of at home over and over again. >> i agree there are a lot of parents who see their children as little trophies and extensions of the parents. i'm the greatest parent in the world so you must be the greatest kid in the world. the kid is houses on fire meantime. there is a lot of that. >> i tell my kids they are both participation trophies. i participated in sex. now i have you. >> you didn't get a trophy, i hope, for that. we don't have to go any further with that. no further. >> i called jimmy. he gave me an update just 20 minutes ago. >> it is? >> he said they're cool. they have buried the hatchet. all's well. >> do you know what? i'm happy to hear they're cool.
11:52 pm
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for a full 90 days. included is our hassle-free guarantee. go to plug & protect is not available in stores, so go to right now. that's ó@kt>úyúyy tip of the day. a shootout between me and the fox station in chicago in a moment. first as reported yesterday "killing jesus" is the best selling book in the world right now. it will debut at number one on the new york times nonfiction
11:55 pm
list a week from sunday. it's flying out of stores. thank you for that. breaking records in its first week. if you are a premium member you get the book or audio free of charge. if you're thinking ahead , looking to give it as a christmas gift i can sign them. get the orders in. it will be madness. now the mail. sharon from ft. worth, texas. i don't appreciate your trash talk about ted cruz. president obama was elected but we do have a right to challenge him. be careful, o'reilly. conservatives are your bread and butter. i don't appreciate the threat or the misreporting. senator cruz was treated with respect. and dissent is championed by me . you seem to have lost perspective, madam. i hope it's only temporary. sue from arizona. obama care was passed but uh many americans don't want it. the president is acting like a king. he's not a king.
11:56 pm
peter from new york. bill, when you debate with a notre dame professor who said jesus told people to give up their po tegss to the poor you were correct. jesus never mandated that. he said you cannot serve god by idolizing riches. reverend dempsey from scotland. bill, jesus never told people to sell their stuff. he challenged a rich man to do it because the man loved his possessions more than he loved god. the professor was wrong and "killing jesus" is a great book. from colombia. somebody tell professor moss jesus wasn't a socialist. that system makes it impossible to help the poor because everybody is poor. that makes sense. laura from brooklyn, new york. bill, i re newed my membership and got a free copy of "killing jesus." unfortunately i now have to sell all my possessions and won't be able to read it. couldn't you read it first, then
11:57 pm
sell your possessions to a secondhandbook store? just a thought. the factor tip of the day. i was interviewed by the fox station in chicago. at the end of the chat this happened. >> i reached out to members of the chicago religious community. here is what a member of the chicago clergy said about the book. >> i think any time anyone claims they have written a history book based on the new testament it will be an act of imagination on the part of the author. there is very little in the christian scriptures intended to be pure and simple at least as we understand it history today. >> that person didn't read "killing jesus." i do not base my writings and the scriptures. we say clearly in the beginning of the book this is not a religious book. history book. the person you interviewed had no clue what's in the book because what's in the book is history. documented history. it's footnoted and all of the sources are in the book.
11:58 pm
so i feel sorry for that guy. he's commenting on something he knows nothing about, b diminishing something he knows nothing about. it's a dishonest play. >> okay. mr. o'reilly thank you very much for joining us tonight. best of luck. >> here's reverend blackwell's response to what o'reilly said. blackwell told us tonight i am not commenting on o'reilly's book directly since i have not read it. i am skeptical of his use of history. >> press to. the station should have checked him out. i'm glad they did it after the fact. they never should have put him on the air. if you see or hear something dishonest, confront it on the spot. never walk away from that stuff. there is far too much in america. only you guys and me can stop it. factor tip of the day. that's it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website which is different from bill o'
11:59 pm
we'd like you to spout off about the factor. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, cater walling when writing to the factor. we want you to do us favors. tell us about the mad as held seg -- segment. do you like it? we want you more involved with the show. this twitter business, come on. i don't know what it is. i understand it's like three, four words. this one you can write. this is what's making me mad. this is good. vent, vent, vent. i want to know what you think about the segment. if you are mad as hell we have a special website. mad as hell@fox we had a bunch of other controversial stuff in the program this evening. we want you to weigh in. all right? again, thanks for watching tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. remember, the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out
12:00 am
for you. welcome to "red eye." it is like the man in the iron mask if by iron mask you mean a silk shorty robe that may fall from time to time so there is no reason to call hr now, is there? now let's welcome our guests. she knows legal ease like i know stripping cheese. my favorite bedtime snack. i am here with a first time guest. she is deborah blum. and filling in for andy levy is the bike messenger. he once road to brussels and back to pick up a pocket square for king albert the second. and he uses his own arm pit to make soup. my resols -- my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz.


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